Fear, Peace & Joy

Thank you to so many of you for commenting, calling, praying, and loving me after the last post. I am sorry that it seems to have freaked out so many people! But, can I tell you how much I value your wisdom and love? I truly do.My dear sister, Lisa, asked me, “What is your passion?” After I listed about 10 things, she said, “that’s too many.” Yep. … [Read more...]

Be Still

Where I have I been? Good question. In denial, I believe. Maybe confusion. Patiently waiting? Can I pass it off as patiently waiting? Didn't think so.Busyness has been my blindfold and comfort, of sorts, as I avoid dealing with the situation at hand. I truly need to get away, all alone, in a very barren location with only my Bible and an iPod of … [Read more...]