Lamentations follow-up

Hudson’s using his arm again – YEA!

I’ve really examined what happened that day and how awful I felt. In our discussion of the chapter over Obedience, we discussed what is at the heart, the very cause, of our sinful behavior. You have to find the heart of the matter to really seek God and make change.

My conclusion: I was so upset with Hudson and the situation because of selfishness. My own selfishness. I wanted the morning to go smoothing, had all my ducks in a row and plans in line, and n.o.t.h.i.n.g went the way I wanted. Me. It was all about me.

Hudson was a 4 year old little boy who was hurting and full of fear. I was a mommy with a plan, who didn’t feel his fear.

Selfishness is ugly.

What is at the heart of your sinful habits?


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    I'm glad Hudson is feeling better. I think selfishness is at the root of every single one of my sinful habits. For me, selfishness is a strong, strong lie that I buy into when my flesh tricks us into thinking we deserve something.

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