Have I mentioned the repetition in my life?

I think I’ve let on that a few times lately God has used repetition in my life?

Sometime about a year ago, I somehow ended up on this blog: http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/. I think it was from Jen’s blog. Anyway, I remember crying my eyes out at the story. I remember seeing the amazing gift of pictures that a photographer had come to the hospital to create for the family while sweet Audrey was with them.

Then, I found myself drawn to newborn and maternity photography over and over. Since my camera was a blessed gift, I’ve always felt a calling to use it as a ministry. I’ve tried to think senior pictures for low income. I’ve been led to a pregnancy crisis center for moms who choose life. The last few months, every newborn site I’ve come to has had the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep emblem on it.

About two months ago, a friend invited me to join a seminar. The woman leading the seminar had previously done one titled Bellies to Babies, and there was a DVD of the seminar. Jer agreed to let me buy it (it wasn’t cheap). The lady’s web site had NILMDTS all over it. I explored the site. I felt drawn to it.

A friend of mine shared about her role in this ministry. I explored it more. I went so far as to print and read the manual from cover to cover (and bawl my eyes out). I’ve been trying to talk myself out of applying for lack of experience, lack of equipment, any reason.

Tonight, my phone beeped the “text message” beep. A friend sent this text:
“R u watching extreme hm makeover? The photographer does babies who won’t live or be taken hm from the hospital. Made me think of u and ur dreams.” This friend doesn’t know I’m thinking of joining NILMDTS…I don’t think (correct me if you do). So, I turned it on. I just started crying.

I’m a slow, deliberate decision maker. Mainly because when I don’t go slow, I end up with odd things that were really cheap that I don’t need and then I feel guilty. I was going to take it good and slow…like, as slow as I could justify.

Tonight, I followed in obedience. I completed the NILMDTS application. It did ask for a PPA membership number (Professional Photographers of America, which I haven’t done because I’m not a professional), liability insurance, and Sales Tax number. I’ve printed the PPA membership form, and I guess tomorrow I’ll look into becoming a real business. I really feel, no, I know, I need to do all the “hoop jumping” to do this.

Can I say that the last two months have truly been an out of body experience for me? I mean, I like to think I’ve always followed God, but seeing Him move in the last two months has been indescribable.


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    You know how I feel, Misti! I’m so excited for you… you are being obedient to a call on your life! I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

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