Thoughts on Tuesday ~ God & Country


Continuing the summer message series, we had Military Appreciation Day this past Sunday. Senator Brian Birdwell came to speak regarding God and Country. I'm afraid that I'm going to do him a great disservice as I attempt to summarize his message, because he had such a wealth of information for us. He carefully traced our Country's roots of faith, … [Read more...]

The Storm


In April we had one of those Texas thunderstorms that grew into much more. It was a situation where, earlier in the evening, Jeremy and I were standing at the barn and facing the storms coming in, but the wind was coming in from behind us as if to take our legs out from under us as it sucked back into the storm. He looked at me and said, "It's … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Tuesday ~ Kingdom Blockers


One of my favorite pastor's wives (which is a confusing thing to write: he has one wife, no matter how that can be misconstrued) used to write a Monday Morning Commentary on her blog each week. I always admired that for several reasons, one being that I saw it as a great way to support and cheer on her husband. I've thought about doing it many … [Read more...]

Delayed Obedience

I've heard it said that "delayed obedience is actually disobedience." I believe that's a parenting principle, isn't it? Funny how so many parenting principles apply to our lives as His sons and daughters. It appears that it's been almost 2 years since I've last written a blog post. While my photography blog isn't so unloved that it's missed 2 … [Read more...]

A sweet Journey

Yesterday I got to my (belated) Bible reading. When I got to the day's scheduled reading, the topical heading was "Psalms of Joy and Praise." I was really heading to my favorite nature spot at family camp to mourn and pout a little because our sweet pup is missing. I did NOT have joy or praise on my heart and mind. Totally not there. And, I think … [Read more...]

A New Season

Happy New Year! Can I admit this one's already a weird one for me? I felt the distinct call to NOT make any resolutions (not that I've really gotten into that in the past anyway). But I've known since the middle of 2011 that this year of my life would be different (insert side note, I just started crying tears that I know are joy...where did that … [Read more...]

On wings of eagles

Isaiah 40 29 He gives power to the weak       and strength to the powerless.  30 Even youths will become weak and tired,       and young men will fall in exhaustion.  31 But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.       They will soar … [Read more...]

The “All Clear”

Yep, that's all that really has to be said. And I knew it was coming, it was just a matter of how and when. What a terrific opportunity! Well, several opportunities. First, trust. The simple trust I was able to give to my Lord that He had a plan. I felt the perfect peace that could come only from Him. In the past I've needed my human "entourage" … [Read more...]

We’ll call her Laura…


And she looks like this: You were afraid I was going to show you the other little lady, weren't you. Oh my, no way, Jose. But right after my mammogram, while the technician went to ask the radiologist if I needed an ultrasound (standard procedure on 'a lump'), I snapped a quick picture of "the machine." Forgive the slight blurriness - it was … [Read more...]

Perfectly Perfect

I’ve noticed in just the last few days that a few of the same words keep coming from my heart. Repetition is one of those things that I train my students in my AP Language course to pay attention to, “If it’s repeated, there’s a reason. Figure out the ‘so what? who cares?’ behind the repetition.” Peace. Perfect. My Lord. Opportunity. Perfectly … [Read more...]